Procedures & Documentation

Procedures and Documentation

Overspray Professionals Procedures & Documentation

Once notified of a potential paint overspray claim by the insurance agent, Overspray Professionals will do the following:

  • Our managers will meet with the overspray removal agent on-site to assess the overspray damage and perform a thorough demonstration of our process.
  • follow proceduresUpon receiving clearance to proceed, our team of paint overspray removal technicians is dispatched to complete the overspray removal process as follows.
  • Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected. The condition of the paint overspray on each vehicle is documented and noted for any pre-existing damage such as, chips, scratches, dents, etc. (Pre-inspection)
  • After the pre-inspection has been completed, the claimant and the site manager approve it and prepares for the cleaning and paint overspray removal process.
  • The technician begins the overspray removal process by thoroughly hand washing the vehicle to completely remove any loose particles, dirt, road film, etc. from surface.
  • The overspray technician then gently uses a soft hand-held rubber pad on the surface of the vehicle to safely remove contaminants from the painted surface, glass, chrome, trim, and moldings.
  • After the paint overspray has been completely removed, the technician washes the vehicle a second time.
  • A coat of highly quality wax is applied and the vehicle is hand detailed.
  • The vehicle is then inspected by the paint overspray removal manager and claimant for final approval and release.