What is Overspray

Overspray Definition

Overspray Up Close

Paint Example

Paint damage can occur anywhere or anytime and is easy to diagnose. By gently gliding your hand over the clean surface of your vehicle, you can easily detect the gritty, textured surface on the painted and glass surfaces. This lets you know that the surface of your automobile, boat or aircraft covered in paint overspray.

While removal is a delicate process, our removal specialists can have your property looking clean and new without the use of damaging chemicals or hard abrasives.

bad overspray

Overspraying in Action

Paint overspray occurs when contaminants are deposited into the air and blown several feet and, in some cases, several miles from its original source. The particles can settle on any surface, and if left untreated, can cause major damage.

Where does it occur?

Most damage occurs near construction sites, bridges, water tanks or towers, tall buildings, shipyards, manufacturing facilities, and chemical plants. Our team will arrive onsite and clean your property to it’s original shine and luster without requiring you to move your property (or fleet!) long distances.



paint overspray
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Oil Deposits

tar overspray
oil deposits
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Chemical Releases

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